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28 September 2011 @ 11:05 pm
how's your life going on?

it was hectic in my office lately. lots of works to be done in a short period. not as much as other's, but still can gave me headaches.

for the next semester, we were given a task to edit and improvised the lecture notes to be used for the next semester. our job also was to use a new program to draw all the chemical structures. we were divided into groups of four: 1 jr & 3 sr.me and some of my friends were appointed as the leaders. yeah..as you know, working with seniors were such a pain in ass..

they gave millions of excuses to not using the new programs, one of us should draw almost hundred structures without any helps. some of my friends must do their jobs and what they did? downloading movies, surfing, lazed around and some of them taking their 'dreamy' nap in the pantry..what worst is they only start to do them on the last week of the given period which is, 3 weeks!!!  it's not like we didn't ask whether they has started or not, but they just didnt care... thank God, my groupmate at least did try to use the program, slow but complete..but, yeah, need to remind them like every day~

and one of my friend love to posts what she did with the students, what she did to brings good to other people.. she also posted some posts which "indirectly" (coz she hadn't mentioned the names..) blamed the teachers around her (which obviously 'us'..) not to judged the students, believes in the students..like her of course, do not teach as for just complete the syllabus, do not get angried with the students bla...bla..continuously posting what she did & what we didn't..bla..bla...

she's beautiful, i like her because of her passion, but sometimes she did look down on people(i am one of them..), not doing what she preached, doing what she told people not to be done..hypocrite!!!!

she made one of her student asked to be transferred to another class (that boy is one of the brilliant student in my class now), she did raised her voice to the slow-learner students, she did extra classes to just complete the syllabus before exams, she said she wants her students to be advance learner but her students gave us headaches to help them to complete all the exercises she gave..and what's more..she's not like what she said, and i hate that kind of people the most..

ahhh..feels great to wrote them out in here...
sorry for all the emotional entry for tonight..
need to take a good rest tonight because tons of works are waiting to be done tomorrow~

goodnite peeps~
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05 July 2011 @ 06:15 am
Love!~ is Happiness~
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G-Dragon(1988) & Matsumoto Jun (1983)

GD is the leader of the BB and he is so talented in making music. I love his Maroon 5's This Love re-composition.
Both are known as the fashionista not just within the group but also in the industry.

They can pull off any styles even the weird styles seem so normal.
GD looks so serious when he's working but can also be so hype when he wants to.
I have an image of him just like MJ, 'yasashi-DOs'!! He can scold and give some harsh comments to the 'maknae' (Daesung and Seungri) but he also can shows his affections and care towards the other members.
Quoting from what he said in the 2Days1Night & Family Outing parody to the members, "I will lead you at the front front, and please help me to push from my back".
Next part would be TaeYang & Ohno Satoshi.

pics credits has been linked to each pic.
Music: Intro(Stand Up) by BigBang
Please welcooooooooomeeeeeeeeee~~~~ BIGBANG!!!!
credits to: http://samgyeoepsalsconspiracy.files.wordpress.com
I came across this group few years ago when I first heard of their haruharu, my opinion was 'wow, this song is good'. I downloaded their Asia Best 2006-2009 and I love the songs featured. I've watched their MV's all this while. But that's not enough to brings me to the fandom until I watched an interview of them with Gummy on youtube. And to my surprised, they're SO FUNNY esp Daesung! here is the video.


The fandom started from this video to my 2 weeks of  "everyday-bigbang's videos searching on YouTube". I can see a lot of similarities between BigBang and Arashi. Their songs, their dance style, their activities and talents are so different! But there are things that make them similar: their humbleness, closeness, the joy they brings by just watching them and their hardship they faced before succeed.So, I'll write about them with Arashi as a comparison..(I'll remind you, this is just my point of view..)

I'll do it in parts. The first part would be posted next is G-Dragon and Matsumoto Jun.

pics credits has been linked to each pic.
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Music: Lies bt BigBang
08 February 2011 @ 07:36 pm
i'm in love with my lj layout..( °٢° ) it is sakumoto's!!!!!! xDDD
i always shipped this pair coz their interaction always 'with some respect to the other..'. their interaction is like once in a blue moon and it's rare! so having them as my layout made me happy!!
credits to rainbowdump for the awesomeness!!

update of my daily life:teaching is fun but yet challenging. i love it! nowadays, i never bring my books home because i knew it's useless for having backpain everyday and i never study. at home, i watched Arashi's DVD's, korean dramas. just finished My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! (i love this drama to every bits!!!~xD) and am watching Secret Garden~

08 January 2011 @ 09:55 am
I am watching Mary Stayed Our All Night. An eye-candy actors lineup is just not enough for making me to stick till the end of the episode. I watch the dramas with fast-forwarding it 2 times of the usual speed now. I knew it, it is a symptom of I'm getting bored of it already. It seems forever to finish the whole drama now..

I'm always looking up for Jang Geun Seuk(Moo-kyul) & Moon Geun-young's acting because they're really cute and good actors. But still, it is not good enough to make a good drama.. The plot is boring and i hate Mae-ri's "so-called-naiveness-but-i-found-it-is-stupidity" when she just let Moo-kyul's mom pawn the ring given by his father in-law. I love the childish fight between Jung-in and Moo-kyul and the cute interaction between Moo-kyul and Mae-ri. But sometimes, I hate it when they act toooooo cute, tooooooo lovey-dovey, tooooooo cuddley-mudley with each other. It just seems that they're the unrealistic couple who live in the fantasy love moment of theirs. I don't like to watch the on-screen couple being 'it's all about us' and 'we don't care about what other ppl see it'.. i just like, "hey, wake up! be realistic!!"

oh, i've been a like pathetic viewer who wants a realistic drama by watching a fiction drama..*someone yells, "go watch a national geographic then!!"* =P

Should be off to finish the drama before i'm deleting it from my lappy forever..daa~

just finished the whole series now and I don't want it to end.. The story gets on a good pace for 2 last episodes! I love how they end the marriage, how Jung In's life has changed after that, The encounters of 3 peoples: Moo-kyul, Mae-ri and Jung-In at Moo-kyul's place is amusing! Maybe that's because the original scriptwriter left the production because of low ratings. Or should I say thanks to her for leaving so we can have a good end for the drama..

In my opinion, it is a good drama but bare with the boring and cheesy lines between Moo-kyul and Mae-ri when they started to date with each other. The songs are good especially when Jang Geun-seuk sang them..I'm relieved that I pushed myself to watch it till the end and you should to watch it too esp. you matsumazing ..^^v
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my real life is getting hectic, gradually,,

i work all my sweats out to make sure students are ready for exam next week, my parents' keep changing their minds whether i need to buy a new car or not, my car (my father's apparently..) broke down last 2 weeks and i spent RM5++ to repair it, pissed with a friend who asked me to take her place as MC n does not prepare the text as promises (she always got credits for what other ppl did..), my house in a mess, and so-on, so-on...

with many stuffs in my head plus, the effect of PMS syndrome, my emotions just went like a roller-coaster. up n down..n these questions crossed my minds..

have you ever thinking to leave the fandom?
when is the right time to leave the fandom?

it's a hard-breaking fact that each one of us, fangirls must face when the time comes, it's time to leave.. when your real life needs more attention and more money needed to be save, this might be the end of the fandom..

i've been in Arashi's fandom for almost 3 years now and the 3 years period was fun, thrilling and amazing. ARashi really shines rainbow colours to my life and i won't dare to deny it.. the people i met along this road are the super-amazing people i have ever met and the rarely-met-but-close-friends that i treasure the most in my life..

this is not a post to declare that i will leaving the fandom, not fully leaving the fandom..but, this might be the start of it. maybe i will less talk about them, not downloading stuffs as now, not updating about them everyday, not buying more goods or stuffs..i'm attempting to do it but am not sure whether i can do it..

but, one thing you can be sure of, i'll never leave the fandom unless i got to meet them at least once..

p/s: sorry to my friends-list, got you girls dislike my status in my fb..i wonder how many people will click the 'dislike' button if fb have one..^^;
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